Thursday, 4 June 2009


So, since last weekend, Friends of Raglan Shire group chat has been throwing up a bug when, pretty much, 99% of people try and reply to something that someone's said, or it throws up an error not allowing anyone to say anythign at all. Basically, with the excpetion of a few disjointed sentences bearing absolutely no relation to the previous disjointed sentences in chat, it hasn't been working.

So someone forwarded me to this link, which is kinda like filing a ticket to ask someone to look at something. People then get to vote on it, presumably to determine whether or not Linden Lab bother to try and work it out or fix it. I've voted on a few before, but there has never seemed to be much interest in most of the JIRAs, so I'm often astounded that anything ever gets fixed at all. Apparently, this group chat bug has had 500+ votes at the time of writing, so that seems like it's a pretty big deal to a lot of folk.

I've also read some JIRA comments (you get to rant under the query - yay!) that have featured replies from Lindens. So they must look at them; after all, how else are they going to know what to work on in between hourly snacks? And despite the wealth of protestations posted on this JIRA alone in the last few days, how many replies have been posted by a member of Linden Lab?

None. Nada. Zero. Zilch.

No-one has either got the testicular fortitude to stand up and say "I'm working on it" and take the fan-blown excrement straight in the face or the courtesy to say as much.

I'd like to now point you to a post I previously made in this very blog about how LL just spout BS all the frickin' time, depsite their assurances that communication was "a top priority." Hmm, sure. So when a method of communication goes down, you dilly-dally about, running around in circles in your office pointing at the next idiot, right? Or do you actually try and do something about it? Because so far I haven't seen any of the latter to assure me that any of the former isn't going on.

Just because YOU can't communicate with residents, Mr Linden, doesn't give you the right to stop your hundreds of thousands of residents communicating with each other.

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