Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Fat Tuesday

Mardi Gras has happened in New Orleans, but it's still to kick in on Raglan! Happening soon though! Hooooo!

And I made another outfit for it. A dixie-land inspired blazer and boater suit. AND I made a new top hat for my Lucky Chair! Voodoo-themed! AND I've started building a shop unit for Enktan's Enkythings Tiny World units. AND I made an acoustic guitar for this weekend's music performer! AND I came up with an idea for the music performers that our resident booker, Teal Freenote, has agreed to adopt! I'm just a production machine!

And just for Summer, here's the Wastelander Soldier picture!

Friday, 20 February 2009

Apocalypto Tiny

I finally made a new outfit! First piece of clothing I've made in months, I think. I have a long standing admiration of all things Steampunk (having first visited Babbage when it first started up and being exposed to some incredibly beautiful, detailed, whimsical and downright astonishing builds). I was inspired again by visiting the fab Eladrienne Laval's little shop on Raglan Shire and seeing her steampunk-tiny outfits and decided I should do something along the same sort of lines. However, it quickly became more 'Wastelands' than 'Babbage', so I settled on that. A 144-prim jacket for desert-bound tinies. I also modded a helmet and collar for the Tiny Inc puppy too. I rule!

And struggled for an hour in GIMP trying to figure out how to layer text for a Mardi Gras sign. I suck.

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Awards Season

At the height of the entertainment industry's awards season, I was pretty surprised to get this...

Which was very kind of everyone to give me! A full explanation as to why is here.

I also took the advice of Stillpink Sandgrain and submitted the Parry Gripp video to iReport, an extension of, that allows folk from all over the globe to submit their own video reports, some of which are then picked up by CNN (or so it seems, forgive me for only a passing understanding). Nicole Ireport (SL name) sent me a lovely e-mail asking me about my vid, and said that because the music used wasn't mine, it would be hard to use in it's entirity, but some footage could be used! That would be nice! But it has lead me to want to find music in the public domain, like classical, or older tunes, to use for my next video work, so it gives it more of a chance to be used in something like this.

Friday, 6 February 2009

Parry Meets Raglan

Quite possibly the most intense piece I've done yet! I built sets and props for shots that lasted less than two seconds in some cases, recruited dozens of tinies to help, and also dabbled with a bit of audio editing to accompany the thing (I say dabbled, I edit audio every day of the working week, so it wasn't too much of a stretch).

My favourite sequence is the Hamster On A Piano bit, especially the scenes with Shady Fox 'narrating' and Summer Seale and her pals Autumn and Winter (no, really!) dancing behind. The Hungry Hippo bit was fun to do too. Took me six days to do.

EDIT: I sent Parry Gripp a message via YouTube to take a look; although he didn't reply, he DID add the video to his Favourites, so that was nice! Thanks Mr Gripp!

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Busy Bunny

Well, I didn't think I'd done much recently, hence the lack of update; but when I came to write about it, I realised that this week alone I've been putting the finishing touches to the new Shire Times issue, have been filming and editing a new Machinima piece for Raglan, have been trying to get the Shire's 7Seas fishing opportunities back up to speed and have made a Valentine's Walk freebie. So maybe I have been busy after all.

My Valetine's gift was designed to be the most tackiest, cheesiest thing you've ever seen for a tiny in Second Life. I hope I succeed!

My new Machinima has some brilliant moments in it; Kitti says it's inspired, I think it's inspired luck.

The Shire Times has again been great to do and soul-destroying to do. I wish sometimes I had better ways of making up a page.

Made some nice custom fish for the fishing though! Really pleased with how they turned out. Now I just need some other folk to come up trumps with another half dozen or so, and we're on the way!