Saturday, 18 July 2009


Today marks my 1000th day since I joined SL. In that time, I've helped run a zoo (which relocated twice and got bigger with each move!), designed gardens and landscapes way beyond my capabilities in real-life, I've been big, monsterous and finally tiny. I've settled into a niche community whose ideals completely fit my own and am surrounded by people who make me laugh, smile, emathise, sympathise and challenge me every day. They are a great bunch of folk, and I am blessed to have found them.

Have had a fairly productive couple of weeks. Made my treasure chest, then tweaked a few bits to my pirate look. Have also just finished another musical instrument, have just finished another superhero outfit, which I plan on getting out for sale in the next day or two, and have helped out on a few custom jobs too. I'm much happier being busy and creative! I'll post pictures of the goods when I've, er, made the pictures!

Also helped throw some bits and pieces together for an impromptu party on Raglan Shire, for Linden lab's quarterly Waffle Day. Nice to see some Lindens hopping and bopping on the Shire. Blue Linden (and now Darv Linden too) is a Friend Of The Shire and Pink and Alexa are often (if not always) using Wynx-bunny avatars. It would be nice to see some of those bigger names exploring the Shires every now and then. We threw out an open invitaion to M Linden, but alas, another Waffle Party no-show from him. Come on M, unleash your inner tiny!

RL sees me without Kitti's company for another 7 days; she's away for 10 days, and I miss her lots already.

Thursday, 9 July 2009


Pirate month around Raglan Shire starts on July 18, and I managed to find the inspiration to throw together a wearable treasure chest!

But saw today SuperMoose has officially closed down MouseMart, which is a real shame. I actually found tiny stuff at MM before I discovered Raglan. I know Wynx had a hug prescence there, and it was a real good start for a lot of tinies a couple of years back. I hope Moose manages to sort it all out; good guy.