Sunday, 19 April 2009


Wild West movie got a slight makeover...kinda! I added some 'old-film' style effects to it!

Looks pretty cool! And the stuttery footage (caused by SL being laggy) now doesn't look so out-of-place!

Submitted to CNN's iReport too. Nicole of iReport e-mailed me when I submitted the Parry Gripp video to say how much they liked it, but because of the music, they'd have difficulty using it. Hopefully, this time around, there won't be any problems!

RL holiday in a day. 10 days out of world. :(

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Wild Wild West

New movie time! Hooooo!

For Raglan's two-year anniversary month, we played Cowboys & Injuns - kinda. The square became a dusty Wild West street. I have shot this in bits over the last week or so, increasingly concious that I have an RL-holiday coming up that will keep me off-world for a fortnight, so it started to become a bit if a rush job. But overall, am pretty pleased with it.

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Tinies Live

So, yesterday in group chat, some folk were getting very upset about the suggestion that Linden Lab could be trying to phase out tiny avatars. Jack Linden's name gets bandied about in the article. Lots of tinies get worried.

Now, being the upfront trouble-maker that I am , I don't see why you should mess about waiting for a Linden to tell you what's what. You go and ask them. So I did. An IM to Jack Linden saying "are LL considering banning tiny avatars?" And this is the reply I got.

[10:40] Jack Linden: (Saved Wed Apr 01 17:29:56 2009) good lord no.. why would we do that? is this an April Fools joke perhaps?

So there you go, tinies. We're safe.