Thursday, 8 September 2011


The Greatest Theory known to Tinydom
This is a rather cool contest: design an Albert Einstein avatar.

It's being run by the IMRIC (Institute for Medical Research Israel-Canada) and is actually offering a real cash prize incentive, which makes a change from a pot of Linden dollars or Marketplace gift cards. Einstein's a pretty unique visual-looking character, so I'm hoping that this competition yields some great results.

Naturally, I felt compelled to get involved; I can't enter of course, as the avatar base I used for these pictures is made by Wynx Whiplash, but I made the rest! Still, I checked in with Dusan Writer, who is the in-world contact for this contest and this was his response: [06:41]  Dusan Writer: Hahaha I love it!!!!!

Maybe I should enter after all...
Albert Einstiny

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Hopping Toad

The problems plaguing the managers of Grendel's Children aren't anywhere near resolved - in fact, they might be getting a whole lot worse. Toady Nakamura has posted a video of the kind of quality she's getting from the latest version of Viewer 2 (v.3) viewer and it isn't good.

She had to film this using her Nikon Coolpix because the 'hopping' of frames on her monitor meant that she couldn't use her screen capture program. So why not switch back to a viewer that will be more comfortable to use? Because Toady was told to upgrade to the latest release, as until she did so the Lab couldn't look into the problems she's been having with Grendel's Avaria and Avaria Tor sims, that both her and Flea have continued to request help with.

The problem that Toady has though is that the change in framerate for Viewer 2 makes it almost impossible for her to spend much more than a couple of minutes in Second Life now; the flickering leads to her getting headaches and nausea. Not exactly an ideal Second Life experience. This, coupled with the lack of support that she and Flea got from the problems with their sims, is starting to take its toll.

Toady's resorted to having to create a Jira to try and sum up all of the issues she's having, with links to her Flickr stream containing snapshots of what she has to contend with. I really don't see where the connection between what client a user would be using and the performance of a sim? Surely client performance is almost unique to every user, whereas a sim's performance will ultimately effect everyone on it, regardless of how they got there?