Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Awards Season

At the height of the entertainment industry's awards season, I was pretty surprised to get this...

Which was very kind of everyone to give me! A full explanation as to why is here.

I also took the advice of Stillpink Sandgrain and submitted the Parry Gripp video to iReport, an extension of, that allows folk from all over the globe to submit their own video reports, some of which are then picked up by CNN (or so it seems, forgive me for only a passing understanding). Nicole Ireport (SL name) sent me a lovely e-mail asking me about my vid, and said that because the music used wasn't mine, it would be hard to use in it's entirity, but some footage could be used! That would be nice! But it has lead me to want to find music in the public domain, like classical, or older tunes, to use for my next video work, so it gives it more of a chance to be used in something like this.

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