Friday, 23 January 2009

Linden Lies

I'm posting this image up here, because I don't trust that at some point over the next 12 months, Linden Lab won't 'accidentally' delete it, or deny all knowledge of it. This is my binding contract to throw back at them, attached to a megaprim in January 2010.

I'm not sure simply "announcing" purchases of OnRez (to kill it) and XStreetSL (to tax merchants) is really improving communication, but still, it's done now, and I will just have to seethe about it in my own way. I absolutely begrudge paying back Linden Lab for my work, which I will now do. I didn't mind paying when it was an independent venture - I'm all for rewarding entrepreneurialship - but now am wondering why Linden Lab deserve a cut of my sales? They will say that it will be used to improve the customer experience; I'll believe that when I see it - which won't happen (I found out recently that I make less than 50% of the sales that a fellow tiny makes on Xstreet in a month, than I do IN TOTAL - from all 5 shops I have, and XStreet, and this tiny is making more than double that on XStreet alone).

Three weeks into 2009 and again LL have managed to incense a massive percentage of residents, or more importantly, merchants. They are claiming it is for the residents, but I wonder exactly how many residents actually asked for this to happen? My guess is somewhere around the Zero mark. LL are doing this for the additional $1.2 million USD, of which approximately $0.00 USD will be filtered back through to the residents. After the OS debacle at the end of 2008, and now this, it seems to me as though Linden Lab may become a public company within the next couple of years, after Kingdon displays that income streams have massively increased and can make a potential share price look uber-attractive. Hopefully, he'll take the payoff that will come with such a move and get lost.

In other news: made a custom 7Seas fish this past week though, although all the hard bits were mostly done by Panacea Pangaea, with Bloodsong Termagant providing invauable support too. Thank you! I will endeavour to get it thrown into the sea and fishable very soon!

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Bo Fiddlesticks said...

I was flabbergasted when I read it, and I will be leaving XLS this weekend. I won't have LL taking commission from ME - I'll find anotter way to sell my wares.

Dammit! :o[