Friday, 16 January 2009

The Funny Bunny Lucky Chair Fruity Tooty Top Hat

Officially the Longest Name For A Hat In SL (probably), this is the new prize in the Heron Shire lucky chair! I chose not to mention Frootcake in the hat's name, as it is technically a copyright issue - although not an issue to cause any major litigation, but I am aware and respectful of these things. I will replace the Christmas Hat in the Potterswick chair with the Aviator outfit (the DePaul exclusive PAD version - Potterswick Air Defence) too.

Plus, Eth has once again worked her animation magic for my banjo, so that will be going out for sale this weekend too!

1 comment:

Bo Fiddlesticks said...

I have seen herds of tinies flocking Heron Shire Wharf... could this hat be the cause of all this...?