Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Much Ado About Nuthin

Wow, it's been nearly three weeks since I blogged last! What a lazy toad I is!

This post might be better served if I had something to show for the past fortnight's inactivity, but I'm afraid it's been pretty much that. Not a lot going on at all. Watched some ballet on Raglan Shire, watched a gig there too, paid some rents on some shops, and generally ambled around. I have actually been working on the Shire Times newspaper, looking to get another edition of that out in the first week or so of June, so that's something, at least.

My staff on the Times has reduced to...well, me. Many of the regular contributors are off doing their own thing (in RL and SL) now, so I'm pretty much having to jot everything down myself. Qyhat does her fashion piece still, but everything else I'm stitching together myself. That makes it hard. And often a bit depressing. I'd rather have other folk writing stuff, not because it's easier for me (it isn't - I still have to proof read and edit everything), but because it serves as a community voice, not just my voice.

I've been wondering where to take the Times, to allow others to take a more active role in participating, but it's difficult to know exactly what to do. My best option at the moment, and the one I'm now implementing is that instead of bi-monthly, it will become a quarterly publication instead. That gives me at least 6 weeks in between each issue before having to think about the next.

Now, back to writing. Oh wait...


Zayn Till said...

Yap, we need to get you a staff!
This is wot happens in Virtual worlds. people come and go.. The environment creates its own variation of ADD. Here today gone tommorow!

So we need to get a general graphic that states the need for STAFF with some basic overview and contact info. Then we Put it on the raglan Blog, send out notices in world and generally make it well known by blasting in group chat that this Newspaper that so many look forward too doesn't write it self!

I'm telling you, all in all, everything starts to get taken for granted unless you knock heads and wake people up. LOL

ShardsOfBlue said...

I'm still working on that rocket article! ^.^ Zayn said it best; dun be discouraged, Chaff!