Wednesday, 10 June 2009


I made a chainsaw recently. It uses a very cool little animation-pose that Azelle Mavendorf made, a cool script that Catten Carter made and I threw in a sound effect I downloaded from the interweb. I am like a building leech; all of the important bits were made by other people! I suck! [However, I did make a cool lightsaber that changes colour when you touch the beam; it was really well detailed, and as I threw myself into making it, only took me an hour or so to build. Then I surprised a lot of people by giving it away free to my Funny Bunny group - FREE SWAG!]

Anyhoo, I have had literally minutes of fun going around with my chainsaw, chopping into the sides of folks buildings and around forests, etc. Then I popped over to the sims that will be used for SL6B (Second Life's 6th Birthday), ready to cause some unwanton destruction; but it looks as though someone beat me to it.

I can only describe the texture that LL have used for the land as though someone has dug up a field, then scorched the earth and then scattered manure across it. It looks like a really bad Glastonbury festival after 8 weeks of trampling. It's bad.

But in a strange way, that's good. Raglan Shire is a beautiful, lush cluster of sims, adorned with wonderful fauna and flora - which is what we're hoping to recreate inside the huge drab looking warehouse we've built for it. We could've built a magical-looking palace to hold our satellite Shire, but we thought a dirty metal can would fit better with LL's vision, whilst serving as a great contrast to our own.

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/me sneaks up, crawls Chaffro between the ears and runs away