Thursday, 8 September 2011


The Greatest Theory known to Tinydom
This is a rather cool contest: design an Albert Einstein avatar.

It's being run by the IMRIC (Institute for Medical Research Israel-Canada) and is actually offering a real cash prize incentive, which makes a change from a pot of Linden dollars or Marketplace gift cards. Einstein's a pretty unique visual-looking character, so I'm hoping that this competition yields some great results.

Naturally, I felt compelled to get involved; I can't enter of course, as the avatar base I used for these pictures is made by Wynx Whiplash, but I made the rest! Still, I checked in with Dusan Writer, who is the in-world contact for this contest and this was his response: [06:41]  Dusan Writer: Hahaha I love it!!!!!

Maybe I should enter after all...
Albert Einstiny


Don Whitaker said...

I was goign to say it should be E=Waffles^2, but those waffles are already square! (^_^) Great Av!

Wuz1 said...

you and wynx could enter together as a team.

Wuz1 said...

get wynx to enter with you as a team.