Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Machinima Artists Guild

Visit Second Life Machinima Artists Guild

Hehe, check this!

Lowe Runo invited me to join the Second Life Machinima Artists Guild (this is my profile page there!). It's a group of Second Life Machinima-ists, and a whole bunch of talented folk. Hopefully I can pick up some tips to improve from there.

I also managed to find a great piece of music for my planned Wild West video, so will try and get going on that ASAP. I'm gonna miss the latter half of the event due to RL holiday (Big Apple, woot!), so have to have something done within the next fortnight!

I also kept meaning to get around to posting this blog post from Vlad Bjornson at Shiny Life, who offered some very lovely words about my Coldplay video a while back. Thanks Vlad!

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