Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Getting Bigger!

Magistrate Zayn approved the design of a new bigger shop unit for Heron Shire wharf this week! I have now managed to get my stuff more spread out amongst the vendors, thrown out a few more vendors and basically had a tiny up. Looks pretty good, I am happier with it now, and will actually make stuff to sell, not just waste time doing then throw in the bin.

Visit my Heron Shire shop here: Visit Funny Bunny

Also made and opened a new store at Enktan's Tiny Outpost. I was semi-aware of Enkythings mall, and it seems to get some great traffic. Enky has done a great job of putting the new outpost together, and even let me construct my own outpost store. The second day or trade, he saw 12 bots hanging around my Lucky Chair there (with the Tiny Vampire Hunter Belt in it), so just to annoy them, I moved the chair to the other side of the shop!

Visit my Wilcutt shop here: Visit Funny Bunny

Rizzo also asked me if I had a Leprechaun outfit. I did, but the one I made last year sucked. But Rizzo's asking inspired me to do a better one, which I did. It's out now, ready for St Patrick's Day on March 17.

And I recently modded my popular aviator jacket to fit Loco Pocos avatars. Damien Fate has opened up a boutique at LP Island, which is doing a few folk some great business - which is an outstanding testament to not only their work, but also Damien's - but I need a minimum of 5 saleable items to set up now I need to figure out which I can adapt!

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Bo Fiddlesticks said...

The new shop is great (!) Chaffles! All the vendors look much much better now :o]