Monday, 29 December 2008

Festive Mint Spies

I finally managed to get in-world over the festive period, courtesy of someone else's machine and connection. I finally got to carol sing! I finally got to pay my rents! I got to send out a Christmas gift to my group! I got to look at all the wonderful gifts I had been given (including Eth's fab puppy hat). I even managed to attend a party (admittedly, I started the party by talking too much to an increasing number of new tinies and old friends, but we got ourselves a DJ and a couple of dance balls and made the most of it!), and I even managed to build something!

When full connection is restored, I will release a new musical instrument, one I managed to knock up in a couple of days. But as proud as I am to have made the most of my time by building it, I am just as proud that I got to see, chat and message some friends at the time of year it was most important.

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