Thursday, 18 December 2008

Blue Winter

Well, I have now been off-world for over a week, and after seeing all the fantastic pictures and hearing about all the little events that have been going on around the Shires, I do feel genuinely sad. I'm glad I didn't commit to the Ice Sculpture contest that Eth is running again, but disappointed that I have missed out on being able to give away the gift I had been making for the Sekret Santa event, and also for the Winter trek.

Kitti is very sad that she isn't able to get in-world either. She feels as though we're missing out on so much.

If any of my fellow Raglanites are reading, I do genuinely miss you, and don't forget about us until we return.


Bo Fiddlesticks said...

Oh we couldn't forget you! The both of you!
Raglan is missing a bit of its spark :'0[

Jennifer said...

Awww Chaffy, we do miss you terribly, Raglan isn't the same without you and Kitti :( Come back to us soon!!!

*hugs to you both*

Mutley Latte said...

Ahha! That explains why it has been so quiet of late, no wonder
I have wondering around lost and bored.

We are missing you guys like crazy.
Hurry back