Sunday, 30 November 2008

The Most Expensive Hat In Second Life?

So, Yasmine Koala and Wolfear Clawtooth, along with some other very friendly and lovely folk held a charity auction in aid of AICR this past Saturday night. Lots of folk very generously donated lots of fantastic prizes. I donated a hat, kinda based on my new Christmas Hat, but modified to be a kind of 'life garden' on a hat brim. Some grass, some rolling water, some stars, birds, apples, flowers, etc. And a big glowing heart, and surrounded by pink/yellow particles. And when you click it, it fires off an explosion of golden stars.

For Violet Faulds, cancer charities are a cause very close to her heart, after having suffered very personal experiences as a result of cancer. She and Lani Heron engaged in a bit of a bidding war; Violet trumped Sarah Irling's previous bid of $151L by bidding $1000L. Lani upped it to $2000L immediately. Violet countered with a $5000L bid. And so it went on. Until Violet threw in a bid of $60,000L. Lani bowed out. Violet won.

Now, according to the LindenX Exchange, $60,000L amounts to about $220.59 USD. That's about £143 or 173 Euros. I rarely see hats in RL cost that much!

I'm so pleased that the charity gets such a great amount of money (in addition to this was lots more from the dozens of other gifts on offer), and am so pleased that Violet won the hat. Maybe I need to go back and reconsider my current pricing set-up on everything that I currently sell!

Violet is now in possession of the hat, which I have made Copiable (so she can try and reduce the risk of SL eating it by making copies...maybe up to 60,000), but No Modify and No Transfer. I have also kept good to my promise of deleting and purging the copy of the hat I have from my own inventory; Violet paid a lot of good money for that hat, and I do not want to cheapen her overwhelmingly amazing gesture by wearing a copy myself.

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