Thursday, 21 February 2013

Spring Clean

In an effort to try and jump-start Spring, I've been having a general tidy-up of my vendor presence in-world.

Well, it was kind of enforced upon me on account of my hippoVendors refusing to deliver two items from any of my vendors, even after I'd checked permissions, reset and re-uploaded everything. So after some deliberation - and cursing that I've now got a costly hippoVend system gathering pixeldust in my inventory - I chose to switch to the Caspervend system.

And so far, I've been pleasantly surprised by it; it seems a very easy system to set up and use. the in-world instructions from the server and vendor units are pretty simple and the layout of the webpages is extremely manageable, nice and uncluttered. I bought the free version, which pays Casper a small fee on each transaction, but seeing as my sales are so low, I couldn't have justified (at least not in the immediate short-term) to pay out for the full system, especially with only having bought hippo no more than a year ago. So I've replaced my vendors at the Tiny Outpost at Orbiuna, my single units at Cynister and Elemental Motifs, whilst also taking the opportunity to move around my main store layout at Heron Shire wharf.

Funny Bunny Store on Heron Shire Wharf
In addition to the new vendors, I've also put out a single prim vendor containing all of my previous Tiny Swagtastic Weekend exclusives; TSW is a $50L offer that Tia Macbain and Dorian Longstaff run, whereby participating store owners put out an item for $50L for the weekend. I had a load of stuff that I put out on offer but never transferred to my main range, so thought I'd make use of a spare wall and throw out a vendor just for those few random items.

I also took the time to replace the items in my two Lucky Watermelons - actually Shep Korvin's popular Lucky Chairs, retextured to look like giant cut fruit. So the extremely popular Tiny Aviator Outfit and the Tiny Glockenspiel have both been put into retirement to be replaced with...well, you'll have to go and find out yourself!

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