Monday, 4 February 2013

Ladies Rising!

Oh, hello 2013!

So I managed to help organise a crowd for a video shoot today; Petlove Petshop and the Prim Perfect team are putting together an in-world video to support the One Billion Rising cause, to help raise awareness of anti-violence programs for women across the globe.

Petlove wanted part of her video to feature a Raglan tiny contingent, and I managed to pull together a few of our female Friends of the Shire to go and dance across the sandy dunes of Raglan Galaxy beach. It's happening right now, as I type this; but that's about as in-depth as my field reporting can go because I threw myself off the sim! I know guys can join in the dancing if they wanted but because Galaxy is only a Homestead sim anyway, there's a maximum of 20 avatar limit, and I didn't want me or some other stinky guy taking up a valuable spot!

The video will support the team's plans for February 14th when four sims will be given over for the day for dances; so hopefully I'll be able to update this when Petlove has the video edited together to give you some idea of that craziness that went down today. In the meantime, familiarise yourself with the cause by visiting the One Billion Rising In SL page!

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