Thursday, 5 July 2012

Raiders Of The Lost Prim

Action Lara!, originally uploaded by Chaffro!.

I don't often make stuff for girls. It's not a deliberate choice, I've just never been much good at knowing what girls want or need (strictly in terms of Second Life clothing, of course)! Sure, I've made some dresses but they've bordered on the wild and wacky rather than the elegant. I have always tried to cater to female customers - if an outfit isn't unisex, I'll include something for one gender or the other - but there is very little in my inventory that I've made specifically for girls.

Well, that changed this week! After the positive feedback I got from my Judge Dredd outfit, I figured I'd try and create something in a similar sci-fi/action/fantasy vein, but primarily for ladies. Several female tiny residents did buy the Dredd outfit - and there are a number of female Judges in the Dredd continuity - but even when creating it, I was still very much in the mindset of making something to feed my fanboy self.

So here it is - a tiny's Lara Croft outfit! I've included the ribbed blue cotton top, the khaki shorts, the pair of handguns and a backpack, whilst my good friend Pan very kindly built an amazing long braided hairdo to finish it off! I'll introduce it to my permanent range after the weekend, but until then (Friday to Sunday) it'll be my contribution to the Tiny Swagtastic Weekend offer that we have at Raglan each week, where merchants offer an item for just $50L!

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