Monday, 18 July 2011

Reblog: The Shifting Face Of Virtual Reality

Magistrate Till pointed me to this blog post by Wayfinder, a member of Elf Clan, that makes a rather lovely mention of the Raglan Shire, and more specifically the residents who inhabit there.

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Songbird Sorbet said...

Ooh, that says a lot about the Raglan Entertainment and Activity Group (REAG)that works tirelessly to keep tinies entertained and active. But what really makes tinies return day in and day out to Raglan? Personally, I absolutely adore my tiny bunny avatar (thank you, Wynx Whiplash) as she personifies the childlike innocence that I long for in this grown up world called real life (RL). I log on sometimes just to hear her giggle and chitter and romp with other cute little critters roaming the magical place called Raglan. Thank you, Zayn Till, for your genius idea of the Raglan Shire community.

Tweet-Tweet! -- Songbird Sorbet