Sunday, 17 July 2011

Reblog: A Crack In The Veneer

Here's an interesting little piece by One Rhiadra about Raglan Shire. Disturbing too. I'm not for a moment suggesting that One is wrong to address the situation she has here, or that she's wrong to post it - far from it, I think it's a wholly brave and worthwhile post. But the core part of the article is potentially damaging to Raglan's reputation and community.

Raglan Shire is a PG sim; always has been and has always abided by that. It's not the only tiny community around, but it's by far the largest and I would argue the one with the most longevity behind it (there were some other small tiny communities before, but many have since disappeared); but I think that one of Raglan's biggest strengths is that it so welcomes diversity from all walks of life for people who just want to have fun in Second Life. People who want to escape drama, escape persecution for their thoughts, beliefs and choice of lifestyle, to be creative, silly, laugh and log off each evening with a smile on their face. As long as someone can bring that into a PG-environment, well in my book, you're welcome to stay for as long as you want. It's not up to any one, two or group of individuals to say how one should live as long as your day to day behaviour towards one another meets the requirements laid down under those PG guidelines. But that really boils down to good manners, and nothing more.

I can't understand these dissenting voices (either in SL or RL for that matter): so what if someone's gay? So what if someone's of a certain religious standpoint? So what if they're of a different colour skin to you? Are they nice and polite? Probably. And how is their lifestyle affecting you from going about your day-to-day business? Chances are, it's not. PG doesn't mean 'treat your guests and residents like they're six-year-olds.'

I recommend that you take a look at One's excellent piece here: What is Innocence?: A Crack In The Veneer


Alirat said...

Thanks for posting that Funny bunny. I read One's article and also feel a great sadness that someone would take it upon themselves to act at a morality policeperson. Not Ok.

Pyewacket said...

Thanks for pointing One's post out. Makes me sad to think that there might be "Red" and "Blue" tinies. Nothing can come of that but destruction - and everybuddy loses.

Songbird Sorbet said...

Tweet-Tweet! Well said, Chaffro. The following is a comment I've tried to leave on One's Blog: Thank you, One, for bringing to light the so-called “self-appointed morality police” in Raglan. I only hope that those who have been affected by it will soon find this is an aberration; that most tinies are fun-loving critters that enjoy the innocent and childlike play that is typical of its residents. Raglan is a place where I've grown in leaps and bounds, where I've been accepted by others who see me and validate me for who I truly am. This is a great gift that has not gone unnoticed, and I only hope that I've extended the same kindness to others there. But even my Raglan experience has not been without its challenges. However, the friendship, love, and acceptance extended by the grand majority of tinies overpowers the rejection and confusion I myself have experienced as a tiny. I say, “come back” to those who have been unfairly judged and give the kind critters of Raglan a chance to hug you and draw you into the joy of tininess. Nothing or no one is perfect, but forgiveness is divine, and we can all move on and embrace the magical place that is Raglan Shire. With much Tweetness, Songbird.