Sunday, 9 November 2008

Highwaybunny! The Movie!

Have been taking a few minutes here, a quick opportunity there across the past few days to film some random shots for a not-coming-to-a-cinema-near-you movie based around the Shire's notorious Highwaybunny, and in the process reinventing him as an action hero!

Turned out pretty well overall. This was actually one of the hardest to do because I needed the shots to become livlier as the trailer went on, but I hadn't got a clue where it was going. I ended up filming loads of stuff that didn't get used. Was pretty pleased with how the effects shots (the rope swing towards the end, the skulls into the pit, the fast Chinese junk boats across the water) turned out.

However, when it came to uploading the video, the first zoom shots and a couple of others part way through turned out much, much darker than they appeared to me in the edit (and still do when I play back the movie file as a whole now); that meant I had to go back and add lightening effects to those shots, which in my opinion kinda affected the quality a little. Oh well, if I can find somewhere to host an 80MB zip file with the AVI file in it, I'll let folk know and they can download it in it's original glory...

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