Sunday, 2 November 2008

Kitti Gets Lost

Coldplay are currently running a contest through their website for people to make an original video to their song Lost? taken from their new album. I grabbed Kitti and a few tinies (to act as mer-folk!) and went off and shot the above.

Thanks to everyone who helped and took part (including those who got cut from the final version due to necessary reshoots)! And thanks to the sim owners of the respective locations for letting me film there!


Bo Fiddlesticks said...

Wow FB, I'm out of words... this is the bestest of your music vids so far!! It's edited brilliantly and seamlessly and it's... it's so romantic!!

Oh and I love that piano btw... where did ya get that? ;o]

Davey said...

Wow! Definitely agree with Bo there, this is your best. The camerawork is just superb, do you use the in game camera controls?